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MTFX Announces New Strategic Partnership with Jubilee Hospitality Association Canada

MTFX, one of the largest business foreign exchange and payment solutions providers in Canada, has today announced a new strategic partnership with Jubilee Hospitality Association Canada.

Markham, Ontario, Canada August 11, 2015 – MTFX has officially announced a new partnership with Jubilee Hospitality Association Canada. The new strategic partnership will enable the offering of new investment opportunities, building greater success for participants.

“We’re very excited to announce this new effort, and we believe that the partnership is a natural offshoot of both business models,” stated Arif Harji of MTFX. “Both MTFX and Jubilee feel that this new strategic relationship will offer significant dividends in both the near and long term.”

Launched in 1996, MTFX has grown considerably. Today, the company offers solutions for investors interested in the lucrative field of business foreign exchange investing, as well as global payments and FX risk management. MTFX offers solutions for a wide range of industries, including law firms, ecommerce companies, import/export firms, financial institutions, multinational corporations, large corporations, charities, the education sector and more.

The Jubilee Hospitality Association Canada is a registered nonprofit organization that serves a wide range of needs on the part of hoteliers throughout Canada. The organization was founded in 2011, and is committed to presenting members with unique buying opportunities, as well as emerging technology. Members share best practices, secure cost savings and enjoy many other benefits, as well.

“JHAC members will benefit from this partnership in their foreign exchange transactions both in cost savings and execution” said JHAC Chairman Alnoor Nanji. “JHAC and MTFX is another example of our Board’s commitment to adding value for our membership.”

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About MTFX: MTFX was founded in 1996 on the values of ethics, integrity and trust. The company has experienced significant growth, and has become one of the largest Canadian business foreign exchange and payment solutions providers. MTFX remains committed to transparency, best practices and unmatched exchange rates.

About JHAC: The Jubilee Hospitality Association Canada was founded in 2011 and has become a powerful force in the industry, bringing hoteliers together for mutual advantage, savings, investment opportunities and growth.

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