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JHAC Membership Benefits

The Jubilee Hospitality Association Canada represents more than 150 hotels and 15,000 hotel rooms across the county. We have forged meaningful professional relationships with several key companies, and offer our members a comprehensive benefits package to save you both money and time.

As a JHAC member, you also have access to current industry resources, including timely industry outlook reports, monthly hotel reviews, and other useful information such as provincial and federal budget breakdowns as it pertains to the travel and tourism industry. You will also enjoy industry conference highlights, regular newsletters, and invitations to Regional Meetings featuring relevant keynote speakers as well as summaries of these meetings.

Make a meaningful investment in your own business and join our JHAC community to realize incredible cost-savings and invaluable support from fellow hoteliers. To become a JHAC member, simply register online or call us directly.

Vendor Partners and Suppliers

JHAC has exclusive partnerships with leading companies in key industry areas, including Internet connectivity and wireless communication, credit card payment processing, insurance, food and beverage purchasing, office supplies, energy-saving technology and more.

Find more information about our vendor partners and suppliers here. We also invite you to review testimonials from both our members and suppliers for accurate real-time accounts of realized benefits.

Grow Your Business

JHAC continuously builds and maintains strong business partnerships with critical service companies in the hospitality industry, including property and liability insurance, group employee and owner health insurance plans, banking and credit card payment processing services, and other key areas that will have a positive and immediate effect on your bottom line.

Enjoy Group Buying Power

JHAC is constantly negotiating new and better supplier discounts to compete with - and beat - franchise prices for hotel resources. Areas of particular interest to hotel owners include credit card fees, hotel and laundry supplies, office supplies, hardware and building supplies and energy management.

Share, Learn, Collaborate

Knowledge is power, and JHAC membership offers a invaluable forum where members can share experiences, advocate, seek guidance and provide support for each other in meaningful ways. Get expert advice on current hospitality industry trends, learn about current events relating to our industry and receive information and assistance with other key sector challenges, including:

  • Compensation, wages and benefits
  • Union negotiations
  • Franchise hotel development information and contacts
  • Property tax assessments
  • Banking/credit facilities