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A: There are many reasons to join the association! Key benefits are: increased marketing and purchasing power, business opportunities, social media guidance as well as shared knowledge and resources.
A: While franchises offer certain benefits, they do not address key issues that significantly impact your business and your bottom line, including property and liability insurance, health insurance plans and merchant services. Through the association’s purchasing power, we have been able to negotiate better discounts for services and suppliers than offered by some franchises.
A: The Cost is $10 per room, per annum.
A: All Canadian Ismaili hotel owners are encouraged to become members. Please see the JHAC constitution documents for details.
A: Absolutely not. However, we believe that the supplier rates we’ve negotiated (through group buying) are better than those available to individuals and, in many cases, franchises. If there is a procurement opportunity that, as a member, you feel we should explore in more detail, please contact JHAC at 604-691-1798 Alternativly, email us at: or
A: Becoming a member is easy. Please click the registration tab above, or contact the JHAC office at 604-691-1798 for more information. Alternativly, email us at: or
A: Once you’ve become a paid registered member, you can start taking advantage of the supplier deals and other business, marketing and networking opportunities.
A: We are a not-for-profit association with a volunteer board that is committed to creating benefits for our members. Our primary funding comes from membership dues and generous donations (e.g. office space, telephone and computer supplies). The benefits of joining JHAC will far outweigh the membership dues currently in place. As a non-profit organization, our intention is to become a self sufficient organization in time.
A: Board members are appointed for a one-year term; the next board election will be held during the annual JHAC convention currently scheduled for spring 2012 in Toronto. Prior to this, there will be an opportunity for members to nominate themselves or other hoteliers for the next board election.
A: The Jubilee Hospitality Association is an effective network offering invaluable resources to hotel owners across Canada. From procurement to best practices, collaborative marketing efforts, social media management and identifying new revenue-generating streams, we have one simple goal: Promote your best business interests this fast-paced hospitality sector.

Become a member today and enjoy every resource and benefit JHAC has to offer.

Grow Your Business

JHAC continuously builds and maintains strong business partnerships (link to “Suppliers” page) with critical service companies in the hospitality industry, including property and liability insurance, group employee and owner health insurance plans, banking and credit card payment processing services, and other key areas that will have a positive and immediate effect on your bottom line.


Enjoy Group Buying Power

JHAC is constantly negotiating new and better supplier discounts to compete with - and beat - franchise prices for hotel resources. Areas of particular interest to hotel owners include credit card fees, hotel and laundry supplies, office supplies, hardware and building supplies and energy management.


Share, Learn, Collaborate

Knowledge is power, and JHAC membership offers a invaluable forum where members can share experiences, advocate, seek guidance and provide support for each other in meaningful ways. Get expert advice on current hospitality industry trends, learn about current events relating to our industry (link to “News & Events” page) and receive information and assistance with other key sector challenges, including:

  • Compensation, wages and benefits
  • Union negotiations
  • Franchise hotel development information and contacts
  • Property tax assessments
  • Banking/credit facilities