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First Data


JHACanada is pleased to inform the membership of our existing vendor program:

Dear Owners and Managers,

On behalf of First Data Canada, we are very excited to confirm our relationship with The Jubilee Hospitality Association Canada and look forward to servicing your credit card processing needs in the near future.

Who is First Data? First Data is the largest processor in the world and we definitely know processing. We process more than 30 BILLION transactions a year, for over 6 MILLION merchant locations in over 60 countries! For six years running, First Data has been ranked No. 1 in the Financial Data Services category of the FORTUNE 500 list (2007-2012).

JHACanada members will receive exclusive rates on electronic payment processing services. Based on the feedback from the properties that have already moved onto the First Data program is that they were paying a “non qualifying” penalty for over 80% of their transactions. In comparison to the JHAC/First Data Program…most properties that are not affiliated with any other programs should expect to see savings of 50 basis points (0.50%) or more on their overall credit card volumes.

First Data Canada
Here is a table to compare what you may be paying and saving:

VISA Sample Existing Rate New JHAC/First Date Rate
Consumer Visa - Electronic 1.68% 1.5757%
Consumer Visa - Standard 2.39% 1.6875%
Corporate Visa - Electronic 2.56% 1.9375%
Corporate Visa - Standard 2.66% 2.0375%

VISA Sample Existing Rate New JHAC/First Date Rate
Consumer M/C - Electronic 1.69% 1.6275%
Consumer M/C - Standard 2.32% 1.7575%
Corporate M/C - Electronic 2.59% 2.0375%
High Spend M/C - Standard 2.75% 2.2875%

Here’s an idea of what 50 basis points or .50% looks like…

On $1000 x .50% = $5.00
On $1,000,000 x .50% = $5000
On $10,000 000 x .50% = $50 000

As previously mentioned, First Data is available to assist you with a breakdown of savings. JHACanada members can request a review of their current merchant service rates/statements by contacting:

Nasrin Ghoorun
Merchant Services Consultant, First Data
Office: 905-602-3568
Fax # 1877-221-3282
Toll Free: 1-800-886-1052 Ext 6023568
Tom Cobban
Relationship Manager, First Data
Office: 519-264-1048
Fax# 402-916-7532

Members will be required to sign a merchant services agreement with First Data. The following are some of the details you should be aware of.

  • The term for JHACanada members is 5 years
  • Those Members wishing to add their facilities to the program must ensure that these facilities are in good standing with JHACanada. First Data will be provided a master members list and only those facilities on the list are eligible to participate. If there is any question to your facilities’ membership please contact JHACanada.
  • If you are no longer a member of JHACanada - First Data may adjust your transaction rate.
  • First Data may require quarterly or annually audited financial statements as part of your credit review.
  • Rates may be subject to change based on a material change in your business, or if JHACanada does not reach the required threshold of $100 million in transactions. Whilst we expect to meet this minimum threshold, we encourage members to review and join this program at the earliest.
  • Early Termination of merchants with volumes of less than $5 million are subject to a $250 per Visa and MasterCard entitlement as well as the fees, if any, set forth in Schedule 1 of your FD-Merchant contract
  • Early termination for merchants with volumes of greater than $5 million are subject to an early termination fee equal to 80% of the product of: (i) the average net monthly Merchant Processing Rate, as calculated in section 23.3 of your FD-Merchant contract; multiplied by (ii) the number of months, including any pro rata portion of a month, then remaining in the initial term or any renewal term, as applicable.
  • Each member should conduct their own necessary review and due diligence and should seek advice from legal counsel.

JHACanada is pleased to announce this exciting program and we are confident that this will be of great benefit to you and will only serve to increase your bottom line. We expect there to be a great demand for this program and as such, boarding may take a little longer than expected. Tom Cobban, Relationship Manager, and his team will work to achieve a smooth and expeditious transition from your existing providers. Please keep in mind that we need your participation to make the program viable. The information that you will receive from First Data is to be kept in strict confidence. Your current providers should not be made aware of the JHACanada program particulars as this will compromise the efficacy of the program and what we are trying to achieve for our organizations.

For more information please contact:
Jubilee Hospitality Association Canada
(P) 604-691-1798